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PhotographyNude photography

Laura Pannack

Nakedness is usually reserved to the private realm. We make sure the curtain is pulled before we undress. On the beach, we wriggle awkwardly behind towels to preserve our modesty…

Camille Vivier

As a starting point, I take two classical subjects recurrent in the history of art, fraught with memory and allusions: the nude and still lifes. The result is a strange…

Renee Jacobs

As a result of my female nudes, I have heard from women all over the world about their journeys, discoveries, fears, longings and passions. As a woman I try and…

Riccardo Tinelli –Hotel Amour

Emmanuel Delavenne has three passions: photography, hotels and pretty girls. To satisfy his passions, three years ago he opened a hotel-restaurant where the waitresses are sublime and the rooms are…

Glaviano’s Supermodels in London

The ‘supermodel’ phenomenon dominated the eighties fashion world and describes an era when a small selection of exceptionally beautiful women governed the scene. London’s Little Black Gallery lets the viewer…


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