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Author Jonas Cuénin

We need your help!

More than twenty people made a very unpleasant comment on my portrait which is used for our call for donations. They are entirely right. To each of them, I answered:…

Set course for Denver, Colorado!

The month of April this year is chock-full of photography events, as much in Europe, and France in particular, as it is in Denver, in the heart of the United…

Alex Webb, Of light and shadows

Wherever he goes, from Istanbul to Amazonia, from Mexico to Haiti, Alex Webb takes the pulse of the world in the streets, not as a thief stealing lives, but as…

The Eye’s new agenda

For several months, the team of The Eye of Photography has been working on a consistent calendar of photographic events in the world. You can find it in our Photo…

Duane Michals: Living in the marvelous

Through December 3rd, Jackson Fine Art, in Atlanta, presents an exhibition by American photographer Duane Michals entitled The Narrative Photograph. Portrait of a lover of stories and dreams.…


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