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Arles 2021 : Editorial


What will remain above all of Arles 20021:  is the opening of the tower and the museum of Maja Hoffmann. Everything, adding the Workshops, the park, the lake in the making is sublime!

It is great when passion, backed by wealth and culture, gives such results.

Pure magic where you can wander for hours.

We sensed it, this city united for 50 years with photography risks tomorrow morning to be combined with contemporary art.

Especially since opposite, there are only question marks!

Let’s not be a socialite and call a spade a spade.

Does Christophe Wiesner have the stature and charisma to manage the legacy and the rest of Sam Stourdzé’s programming?

Does the new mayor want and can he bring together all the cultural players again?

Does Actes Sud wish to regain a privileged place?

Can the Ortiz Foundation continue with such an obscure management?

And especially tomorrow who will reinvent the OFF and which OFF?

The analogue OFF of the good old days with its projections and portfolios readings or the technological OFF of tomorrow which will only be virtual?

Myop has managed its spaces tremendously this year by organizing conferences, debates and meetings in areas left vacant by others!

But in any case Myop can not represent the OFF.

Who can take care of the OFF which by definition can only be messy?

There you go:  Arles is in the making, it’s not a surprise, the whole world is!

Jean-Jacques Naudet

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