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December 6, 2013


Anders Petersen is in charge of every step in the creation of a photograph: shooting, printing, and the layout of both his books and exhibitions. The latter is not simply…

Barbara and Gertrud

Barbara and Gertrud is a chapter that has been rediscovered, reinterpreted, a fragment of a contact sheet from Café Lehmitz, with which is has little in common. The light is…

Disturbing Strangeness

Nothing is strange in itself. Any object can seem by turns innocuous or strange or disturbing. Only the viewer can find the eerie in a harmless wooden horse or an…


Petersen likes people, and his photographs take on a carnal and sensual aura through the simple choice of shooting  close-up. Faces can lie, but the body language he captures, in…

Making Allowances

Petersen puts himself in intimate situations with people, framing so tightly as to cut off their hands and feet, or parts of their face. He takes the same approach with…


There are few landscape photographs in Petersen’s body of work. His acute, tight, focused approach to a specific object rather than a broader context seems at odds with the requirement…


What does it mean to call something “intimate?” Some of Petersen’s photographs could be seen as “stolen,” the result of an intrusion. But they’re nothing of the sort. His approach…

Mental Hospital

“I believe that I’m not telling a story about a space, but about a feeling, an emotion, and the surrounding four walls are just the surface [...] My work in…


For nearly ten years, Petersen has worked in confined spaces, with people who have been voluntarily and involuntarily detained in prisons, retirement homes and psychiatric hospitals. His approach is less…

Capturing the Gaze

Transformation does not mean chaos. There is a main theme running throughout Petersen’s work, and whether it’s plain to see, or whether it goes under and reappears like the flow…


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