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Flavio Pescatori–Wilderness


My series "WIlderness", composed by 26 pictures, is a personal way to look into what we can considered wilderness.The general attentions has gone quickly evolving towards the metropolis, which soon grew increasingly demographic. The city becomes overloaded, huge but at the same time too intense; collects ambiguous environments, non-places for people and their new tools.Despite the presence of many common denominators in the design and in the structures of places and life of metropolitan areas, different habits and ideologies of any particular individual or institution are manifested through the fibers of the city, thinking and re-evaluating needs and an­swers. Humans according to different cultural backgrounds, create conflicts of contexts and new realities, define their spaces, track the various bounda­ries and divide the public and/or private, creating overlapping levels in the urban space. The territory is changed according to the rules of every single person, through the numerous humans and natural territory, it keeps the different historical and cultural overlapping and intertwined in the same context.Through a different visual perception of the environment, human instinct develops to create new approaches with the territory: the technological and cultural panorama of contemporary change the human characters, creating new methologies of living.The nature of the human being, primitive as well as strongly virtualized, manifests its ambiguity in the new contexts of the daily life which, escaped from the canonical protocols of behavior, grant new opportunities of ex­pressions for each individual attitudes.

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