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The Selects Gallery : Arthur Belebeau


Arthur Belebeau is a French photographer known for his captivating and dynamic images that draw inspiration from the pop art movement. Belebeau’s work combines elements of fashion, portraiture, and graphic design, resulting in visually striking compositions inspired by the American culture that evokes a sense of playfulness, vibrancy, and cultural commentary.

Born and raised in Paris, he was given his first Polaroid camera at the age of six, allowing him to test his eye for curating visuals from an extremely young age. Working in Paris and forming his roots there, he began assisting internationally renowned photographers like Mario Testino, Robert Erdman, and Jean-Baptiste Mondino. He later moved to New York City in 1995, where he would develop his skills and eventually make a name for himself as an accomplished fashion photographer.

Arthur Belebeau is highly inspired by American culture and the pop art movement that emerged in the 1950s and 1960s. He embraces the use of bold colors, graphic patterns, and juxtaposition of different visual elements in his photographs. Like in pop art, his images incorporate references to consumerism, celebrated iconic symbols, fashion trends, and popular culture. Belebeau’s photographic style work often features surreal intensity realized through his signature “poppy lighting” mixing hard lights with softer, more flattering lights applied to everyday objects, celebrities, and advertising imagery, creating a photographic contemporary interpretation of the pop art aesthetic.

Through his mastery of composition and use of vibrant colors, Belebeau captures the viewer’s attention and invites them to delve deeper into the narrative behind each image. His photographs often feature subjects in fashionable attire, reflecting the influence of the fashion industry and its role as a driving force in popular culture. His photo of a Budweiser beer can, for instance, illustrates how by using differing levels of zoom, strategic lighting, and a maximalist approach to color, Belebeau takes seemingly simple items and finds untold stories within them. The visual landscape created through the folds and crinkles in the aluminum, the deep shadows and flashes of light reflecting off of its grooves, and its unmistakably patriotic color palette captivates and alludes to an American flag. The can is rusty, dirty, and, by definition, a piece of trash. However, because of Belebeau’s signature glossy effect that sets his photographs apart from others, the can has been transformed into a glamorous symbol of American fun and freedom.

Belebeau’s depictions of people are just as alluring as his photos of beer cans, soda bottles, and nautical symbols. Women photographed in a myriad of exciting, action-packed situations seem to have, through his lens, a voice of their own, begging to be told through their bright, bold colors and highly decorated backgrounds. Because of his use of hyper-high-definition finishes that border on the surreal, his models are seen as daringly strong and unafraid to be seen.

Arthur Belebeau’s photography is a testament to the enduring influence of pop art on contemporary art and culture. His vibrant and visually arresting images pay homage to the movement’s legacy while pushing artistic boundaries and engaging with contemporary themes through photography. With his unique style and creative vision, Belebeau inspires audiences and participates in bridging the gap between fashion, art, and popular culture.

Marie Audier D’Alessandris


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