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The Eye of Photography offers a selection of renowned photographers or young talents in this section.

Alma Bibolotti

Maredentro I am so attracted to the sea that it captures me completely. Maredentro means to me both ‘the sea inside’ and ‘inside the […]…

Pierre Belenfant

Versailles in black and white From the palace, to the statues in the gardens, passing through the Estate of Trianon, this magical place offers […]…

Nicolas Baudouin

Landscapes A landscape is a spatial expanse covered by a point of view. It is an interdependent whole with autonomous functioning and mechanics formed […]…

Eric Lepeingle

Hang Loose philosophy Suddenly the smell of damp neoprene and SexWax left the back of a van, wafting down to Praia do Tonel in […]…

Davide Santangelo

My mother’s face I tried to tell about my mother’s illness, but when she passed away, despite my attempts, I could not complete the […]…

David Muskin

Unseen Content You are looking at the work of a voyeur’s voyeur. It’s dark on purpose, just listen. My being is what I bring […]…

Giorgio Messieri   

Shining shadows                                                                                                                                   We run and cross in each other’s life almost without perceiving it , blurred shadows developing in our mind into forms […]…

Sebastien Regert

The Street Show The street show is a series of unexpected situations, funny and sometimes cynical. It is the reflection of the immense theater […]…


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