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The Questionnaire : Cécile Plaisance by Carole Schmitz


Cecile Plaisance : Moving the lines.

After a career in finance, Cecile Plaisance decided to make a major shift in her career and turned to photography.
Mainly influenced by popular culture, pin-ups and Playboy covers, one of her first photo series, “Tribute to Newton”, is a tribute to the famous portrait photographer. The artist presents B&W images of Barbie dolls dressed in white crinoline. The photographer’s aim was not only to celebrate the female body, but also to provoke reflection on the sensuality and femininity of these plastic dolls, and in turn to prompt the public to question the idealization and hyper-sexualization of the female body.

For some of her works, Cécile Plaisance uses lenticular printing to superimpose images simultaneously, allowing the subject to be veiled or revealed depending on the angle of observation.

Cécile believes that sexuality must be affirmed, that women must stop being controlled by men, and no longer allow themselves to be seen as sexual objects. Women must be free!

Cecile is mostly inspired by the great masters of photography and pop art, but she also loves the aestheticism of Kiraz.

Her work and her vision of the world are perfectly in tune with our times, and show us women of today, whatever their ethnicity or religion. Beauty lies well beyond these shackles, beyond the gaze of men and borders…

A word to the wise!


Website :
Instagram : cecileplaisance 

– Solo show at the Abraham Art Gallery in Amsterdam from November 30 to December 15
– from December 5 to December 10 with the galleries: Art Angels, bel Air Fine art and K+Y, Art Miami


What was your first photographic breakthrough?
Cécile Plaisance: Definitely when my daughter was born! That was 25 years ago!

The man or woman who inspires you?
Cécile Plaisance: There are so many… I’m not very original, but my very first photos are a tribute to Helmut Newton. But of course there’s Peter Lindbergh, with whom I spent a few days in Venice (following the Photo magazine prize I won in 2018), Richard Avedon, absolute master of portraits, Ellen Von Umwerth, goddess of provocation, David Lachapelle, Mario Testino, Stéphanie Renoma, and also Steve Mc Curry for his wildlife shots and also his portraits of the peoples of the world! There are lots and lots of others…

What image would you like to have made?
Cécile Plaisance: The one of Stéphanie Seymour by Richard Avedon, where she wears a transparent dress and lifts it to reveal her sex! It’s an image of absolute purity and, above all, incredible strength!

Which one moved you the most?
Cécile Plaisance: Many of them are very moving… but the one that comes to mind is the one by Steve Mc Curry, of a child in a tree with an elephant resting his head against it. It was the inspiration for my series on endangered species in South Africa. It shows the vulnerability of our species and that of these animals. We need each other!

The one that made you angry?
Cécile Plaisance: None! Even if some of them are obscene in their cruelty or frightening reality.

A key image in your personal pantheon?
Cécile Plaisance: My first “pro” photo in tribute to Helmut Newton… my Barbies posed in black dresses, then nude….

A photographic memory from your childhood?
Cécile Plaisance: A photo of me barely standing with a cigarette in my mouth… my mother standing next to me… more provocative more provocation…

The image that obsesses you?
Cécile Plaisance: None in particular, and many in general.

The image you have of yourself?
Cécile Plaisance: A jack-of-all-trades! People want to confine me to Lenticular, but I can’t be satisfied with just one universe!

Whatever your budget, what would be the work of art you’d most like to acquire?
Cécile Plaisance: Stephanie Seymour by Richard Avedon

In your opinion, what’s the one quality needed to be a good photographer?
Cécile Plaisance: Sensitivity! That’s what triggers emotions.

What, if any, is the secret to the perfect image?
Cécile Plaisance: I don’t know what that means. These days, with all the means at our disposal, anyone can make a “perfect” image.
The difference, perhaps, is that a professional can take a lot of good photos…

Who would you like to photograph?
Cécile Plaisance: Mick Jaegger.

Is there an essential photo book?
Cécile Plaisance: There isn’t just one!

Your childhood camera?
Cécile Plaisance: A disposable camera… bought at Prisunic.

The one you use today?
Cécile Plaisance: I use a PhaseOne 100M in the studio, and a Nikkon Z9 on location.

What’s your favorite drug?
Cécile Plaisance: Sport! I do it every day! It’s my very own bubble, my oxygen.

What’s the best way for you to disconnect?
Cécile Plaisance: Riding my windsurf board for hours on end! Alone in the middle of the water.

What’s your relationship with images?
Cécile Plaisance: I love images. It’s the most direct way of getting a message across, of communicating.

What’s your greatest quality?
Cécile Plaisance: Adaptability to any situation.

Your latest folly?
Cécile Plaisance: The PhaseOne.

An image to illustrate a new banknote?
Cécile Plaisance: A topless Marianne!

The job you wouldn’t have liked to do?
Cécile Plaisance: What I love about my job is the freedom… I’m not sure I’d accept an order that I didn’t agree with, and therefore wouldn’t enjoy.

Your greatest professional extravagance?
Cécile Plaisance: Photographing the big cats in South Africa, with a nude model standing next to them. What emotions mixed with danger!

What’s the difference between photography and art photography?
Cécile Plaisance: I don’t know… what is art? and what isn’t?

The city, country or culture you dream of discovering?
Cécile Plaisance: Yemen… but not sure that’s possible…

The place you never tire of?
Cécile Plaisance: Corsica.

In terms of social networks, are you more into Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok or Snapchat and why?
Cécile Plaisance: Instagram. I’ve been banned from TikTok… Snapchat I don’t have the codes… facebook is obsolete.

Color or B&W?
Cécile Plaisance: Both.

Daylight or artificial light?
Cécile Plaisance: Both.

Which city do you think is the most photogenic?
Cécile Plaisance: Paris, New York…

If God existed, would you ask him to pose for you, or would you opt for a selfie with him?
Cécile Plaisance: I don’t believe in God.

If I could organize your ideal dinner party, who would be at the table?
Cécile Plaisance: Of course, Newton, Avedon, Lindbergh… but I’m not sure that’s possible.

Which image do you think represents the current state of the world?
Cécile Plaisance: A Giant Bug!

What’s missing in today’s world?
Cécile Plaisance: Freedom.

If you had to start all over again?
Cécile Plaisance: Ready!

Any final words?
Cécile Plaisance: I’m living a fairy tale!

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