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Miguel David



A few years ago, and after reading a study of Plato’s Cave … I started with the “P N T” Project.

The final song of the “idea”, I sums it up, as if it were a utopia, as : “And despite of the shadows and existential crises, we will find THE LIGHT

I think I capture these images because I want to go further. Evolution.

Reasonably, We could mention that acording to Sonja Bullaty, “The whole life of one preceding the time when we press the shutter” One thing to keep in mind, and which I fully agree, because when I look through the lens, consciously or even quite unconsciously, I note with all my social burden gained over the years, loading “miguel david”. Family, school, friends, readings … where I live … music, politics, social relations … why I photograph “this” and not “that”?

With the passing of time… the images evolved, mutated, changing to more and more indefinite. From figuration … to abstraction.

The work is a visual fantasy. A fusion of lights and shadows. An intense personal expression. A game of conspiracy, while I show the real object through my perception… I hid its true meaning.

In this subjective perception of my inside world I have reached the conclusion that, the spectator faced with any unrecognizable sign, appeals to his archive of accumulated evocations, derived from his nature and idiosyncrasy, to palliate the meager essence. According to my theory, and especially with the theory of C. Einstein, on which I base, any act of vision summons and attracts a file of accumulated sensations and experiences that serve to mitigate the insufficient “reality”.

And THE LIGHT finally disappeared… fading away… I think I did not even reach out softly to caress her.

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