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Maxime Carasso


Since I have been practicing photography, I have always been interested in the offbeat transcription that photography could give of reality; one of my first images was a merry-go-round turning in the night, by slowing down the shutter speed the merry-go-round became a circle of light… the photo testified to a different reality.
Much more than a simple visual effect, this image inferred to me that the perception we have of reality is only partial, this carousel revealed itself as my eyes saw it and yet in this present another representation of the carousel was there, at the same time, simultaneous.
Today my research is still part of this problem: testifying to the possibility of another presence in the world…
In this series I photograph a character in a natural environment and thanks to the shutter speed, try to include it in the image but by making it disappear.
Man is narcissistic and is governed by a utilitarian desire for domination, possession, and therefore maintains a vertical and totalitarian hierarchical relationship with those around him, he imposes himself, is “on” printed in the real.
This outrageous consumerist relationship is destructive and nature is its first victim.
I try symbolically by the image to find another link, to reconnect, to testify to our inseparable belonging to this surroundings.
By appearing among these trees, these rocks, subjects too, the character disappears…
“Being unveils itself at the same time as it subtracts itself,” said Heidegger.
Maxime Carasso

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