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J.F Julian


I take pictures of naked girls

For 10 years I have been feeding correspondence with nude models around the world. During our trips and when the moment is opportune we cross paths to take photos.

It should be noted that I do not “nude” … I take pictures of naked girls.

I condemn the aesthetic nude photo, it’s a sub-genre for the photographer as for the model. They both forgot the primary reason for eroticism. The photographer who does not rise to the acceptance of eroticism as an artistic genre only looks at an empty body and takes an emotionally empty photo.

“She opens her mind to excess desire”

I like to vibrate without a net, to lock myself up alone in a hotel room or in an apartment with a stranger, to watch her undress and photograph.

“The path of intensity is enough”

I seek with the meeting of the other, undressed before my eyes, the intensity which crosses and exceeds the naked; this nude is no longer an end in itself, but an operative means of accessing the liberating excess by which man frees himself from man.

“We don’t have to be poetic in poetry”

My photographs are not views of the mind. It’s not my head talking, it’s my whole body in action. The raw realism of my work comes from my personal, often private, experiences. My photos are metaphors of the break with reason.

“Perhaps the only meaning is the intensity without the meaning”

My photo shoots are in pursuit of the moment of erotic truth and experience.

“We must tear down the walls of our mind”

My photo is the result of a tense and ambiguous relationship because of my operating mode, (alone and locked up) as much as in the erotic air that we breathe, see in the anxiety, or the emotion, or the discomfort that embraces us.

“I like to breathe the erotic air in a hotel room”

The quality of the photo will come first from the power of the model, then from this atmosphere agreed by both of us where I strive for us to access this “Erotic Moment”, altered states of consciousness. This is the photographic moment of truth that I am tracking. I am authorized to be the passive voyeur then when I take my camera in my hands; the active narrator, actor and voyeur.

This staging convention is activated and agreed on before the photo session. This allows us to assume our respective roles, only then our free spirits are devoted to our arts.

“I build my sessions like cinematic suspense. ”

Here is one of these models encountered on the net: Erin Mae, Brooklyn, summer 2019 © J.F. Julian


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