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Hatje Cantz : Peter Arnell : Portfolio 1980 – 2020


Hatje Cantz Verlag announces the publication of Peter Arnell : Portfolio 1980 – 2020. Peter Arnell is an American branding expert, designer, photographer, author, marketing executive and Founder of PETERARNELL. Arnell’s monumental two-volume portfolio spans his forty-plus-year career. He writes :

I’ve always been resistant to labels, hesitant to take up the mantles sometimes bestowedupon me, disinclined to categorize myself or my work as any one thing. In short, I’venever wanted to be restricted, either in the ways that others perceive me, or in the waythat I perceive myself. The result of that unwillingness to commit singularly to any onefield or discipline has been a body of work that defies easy categorization, a career that hasexceeded my hopes and dreams, and a life that has been rewarding beyond measure.This book is a celebration of imagination, creativity, and action. But if there has been anyone through line to my journey over these past forty years, it would be this: following thecurrents of inspiration and intuition wherever they may lead, often far beyond the boundsof convention, predictability, common sense, and accepted wisdom. Each project you’ll encounter in this book, whether it be a simple hand sketch or a mass-produced automobile; the earliest germ of a concept, or a fully realized commercialproject—are the result of the same essential act: nurturing imaginative impulse, and thenpushing tirelessly to build it, give it form, definition, and clarity. In short, to bring an ideato life.I tend to work quickly because I’ve learned that the best ideas and solutions are almostalways radically simple. The hard work that follows in building and expanding ideas is ofcourse anything but simple or fast, but the core impulse driving even the most complexproject should always be reducible to something that can be grasped in an instant. Ifsomething needs to be explained in complex, overwrought terms—frankly, if it needs tobe explained at all, it has less of a chance to succeed.Assembling this book has been a monumental undertaking—hence the reason for waitingforty years—and one that has raised many thoughts and questions on how to pay propertribute to the countless individuals who have worked alongside me, pouring their energy,passion, vision, grit, and determination into everything contained within these pages.As I take the time now to revisit the work that I have been privileged enough to be apart of, assembled here in one place for the first time, I feel a profound sense of pride.

But it’s not pride in myself; rather, it’s pride of having led and been part of a team, andthe satisfaction of being able to learn from and share in the collective talent of so manyremarkable individuals.Looking at the breadth of work compiled here, what I feel most of all is gratitude: to havelived such an extraordinarily fortunate life full of incredible opportunities; to have beengiven so much trust, belief, and good faith. Contained within these pages is the work of countless individuals from every background andevery discipline: designers, engineers, architects, graphic artists, illustrators, photographers,printers, re-touchers, filmmakers, writers, thinkers, strategists, entrepreneurs, leaders,legends, kindred spirits, and so many others who simply cannot be categorized, whomI have been blessed to know, and whose awe-inspiring talents have come together sobrilliantly in the work that you see here. I am endlessly inspired by their willingness topour everything into what they do, and so deeply in awe of their capacity to create, inspire,and imagine. While I can do my best to pay proper tribute to the work and our clients,I know that I will never be able to fully express what it has meant to find myself living,working, and creating alongside such remarkable partners.

Peter Arnell


Peter Arnell – Portfolio 1980–2020
Innovation in Branding, Communication, Design and Marketing
Hatje Cantz Publisher
Edited by Nadine Barth
Texts by Peter Arnell, Frank Gehry, Peter Lindbergh, Michel Marriott, Tristan Thom, Tom Brady, André Leon Talley
Design by Liyuan Tong
ISBN: 9783775746670
Price: $170.00
Dimensions 212 x 305 mm
848 pp, 2600 ills.

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