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Giorgio Di Maio, Correspondences


‘To touch the soul delicately, to caress her. The innermost need to reassure her to become able to give up to the Life feeling oneself as an essential part of an eternal whole. This is the modern poetry who has begun with the Charles Baudelaire’s lyrics Correspondances, mystical vision where the Nature is capital. The bloody poet, who loves pleasures and excessis, entrusts his lyrics not the objective description of the reality but a function to know the true essence of things.

The original Abstract painting of Vassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee has similar mystical and philosophical roots: it isn’t a reproduction of the reality on the canvas but it uses the colors, the geometries and the shapes like words to try, into the work of art and thanks to inner strength of the artist, to give an expressive form of the inexpressible in the expressible.

Kandinsky wrote into his book Spiritual in Art: “The Art must develop and get better the soul”.

Baudelaire seemed to announce the abstract painters into The Romantic Art yet: “It would be really strange if the sound can’t provide for the color and the colors can’t give an idea of melody and the sound and color can’t mean or express some ideas; things one express always through reciprocal analogy, from the day when God created the Universe as a complex and indivisible totality”.

The research of The Hidden Harmony propose the mystical and phylosophical roots of Abstract Art trasmigration into the Photography. The photographer artist isn’t a perfected camera who limit to reproduction of the exteriority, but a visionary who drive himself over the barriers of the phenomenon to decipher the infinite correspondences and the infinite relationships of all realities in one hidden harmony.

The Mystery remain impenetrable but nothing is unconnected to the man. The artist, the poet photographer can be necessary to help and to guide the man on the road where he know himself is part of whole.

Basically there is the rejection of materialism, the faith in progress and particularly the faith in the spiritual progress of the men.

The way to the earthly paradise is too long if one thinks how long is the life of everyone. But today, in the contemporary society, the Photography is the most powerful human instrument to walk in the right direction.

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