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FRESH EYES : an overview of current photography


The Dutch magazine GUP (short for Guide to Unique Photography) is on the market since 2005, and defines itself as

an international authoritative publication on photography, connecting its communities with the sharpest conceptual photography, the latest photo books, and compelling writings about the contemporary world of photography

It comes in 4 premium printed issues per year, with daily updated online content.

In 2019 GUP edited FRESH EYES for the first time:

It gives fresh talent a platform and helps them take their first steps in the real world. … FRESH EYES aims to filter out the greatest talents and to give an overview of what is currently happening in photography.

The first two editions presented 100 photographers in each publication, the publication of 2021 gives a platform to 150 young authors. Each of the authors gets 4 pages in the book, and with each contribution you will find the author’s name, year and country of birth, place of study (or the mention self-taught), website and/or Instagram page.

FRESH EYES is an inventory of all possible subjects and stylistic possibilities in which young talent distinguish themselves today. The photographers are currently based in almost every country in Europe, but their backgrounds reflect globalisation. There are Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Iranian, Chilian, Costa-Rican… photographers, in other words, representatives from every continent.

From the 150 published photographers, we have chosen 16 talented creators of captivating images: Ahmad Tahmasi (1989 Iran/ Austria), Angelo Formato (1989 Italy), Chochana Rosso (1992 France), Dominique Gebbinck (1966 The Netherlands), Jolien de Buyser (1997 Belgium), Karina Castro (1990 Portugal), Malgorzata Nowak (1976 Poland), Mascha Naumanova (1984 Russia Germany), Naima el Kadi (1980 Morocco Belgium), Qianyum Zhang (1993 China The Netherlands), Raisan Hameed (1991 Iraq Germany), Roxana Savin (1977 Romania Switzerland), Sander Vos (1988 The Netherlands), Theo Gould (1989 United Kingdom), Tomoko Nagakawa (1973 Japan United Kingdom), Yiorgos Skoulidas (1996 Greece)

Recently GUP magazine organised during the Keile book market in Rotterdam an exhibition with the 150 photographers from its latest FRESH EYES book. For those who didn’t make it to Rotterdam, The Eye of Photography have an exclusive offer: GUP offers the possibility to the Eyes of Photography readers to buy FRESH EYES at a discount.

There are several possibilities: the last issue of FRESH EYES (2021) with the most recent issue of GUP (the number 70, a bit of an anniversary publication) OR only FRESH EYES (2021), OR the complete series of FRESH EYES (2019 – 2021), which is absolutely the best offer possible.

Actually this collection is a must for all self-respecting educational institutions, for people looking for young and new talent, for photography libraries. But anyway, if you choose the last option be sure to have 12cm of space left on your bookshelf!


Full information on the publications

  • FRESH EYES 2019 ISBN 9 789082483390, 416p, 16,7 x 22,5 x 3,5cm, xpublishers, Amsterdam, 2019
  • FRESH EYES 2020 ISBN 9 789090332949, 416p, 16,7 x 22,5 x 3,5cm, xpublishers, Amsterdam, 2020
  • FRESH EYES 2021 ISBN 9 789083106212, 616p, 16,7 x 22,5 x 5,0cm, xpublishers, Amsterdam, 2021
  • GUP 70, ISSN 1871-8450, 176p, 16,7 x 22,5 x 1,0cm, xpublishers, Amsterdam, 2021


OFFER for Eye of Photography readers!

The exclusive offer for The Eye of Photography readers, when ordering be sure to indicate the code. Postage & shipping isn’t included.

  • FRESH EYES 2021 book – 10% discount –> FE2021 €39,95 -> €35,95
  • FRESH EYES 2021 book & GUP 70 – 10% discount –> FE702021   €50,95 -> €45,85
  • FRESH EYES 2019, 2020 & 2021  -10% discount   FE32021   €99,95 -> €89,95

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