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Emanuele Scorcelletti : Cannes & Stars


The “Cannes Festival 2020” has been canceled and innovates towards virtuality. So let’s have a few minutes of glitter, frivolity,  dream, and imaginations  with one of the great photographers of the cinema world: Emanuele Scorcelletti.

I also want to share with you, for once, what his photographic subjects think of him and the confidence they place in him.

To understand Emanuele Scorcelletti’s work, we must first remember a few simple, but fundamental facts. Emanuele is Italian, which means that he grew up with a passion for cinema, a certain cinema whose masters were called Federico Fellini or Luchino Visconti. It also means that he loves women, actresses, that he loves the theatricality of cinema, that he loves light, black and white which sublimates portraits and bodies; but also that he is fascinated by the representation of beauty, by its preparation and also by its mystery. Deep inside them, the actors look at themselves as much as they look at the objective: doubts, anxiety, pride, narcissism …

… to be photographed by him is to receive, during the time of a snapshot, a tribute, a form of declaration.” translated from an original text by Lambert Wilson.

Emanuele’s talent consists in appropriating, in a fundamentally impersonal situation, a look which will be completely personal, and in creating, at the speed of light, a unique and true relationship with his subjects.  translated from an original text by Lambert Wilson.

“The watchful eye, the sharp eye that always catches you in the act of truth. That eye is Scorcelletti.” translated from an original text by Emanuelle Béart.

Emanuele Scorcelletti is there, respectful, he speaks, he smiles.

Suddenly his glance changes, he focuses on something and his camera fires.

Nobody knows what his attention was on and what his camera captured …

Again he looks at you and as if nothing had happened he continues to laugh and to joke.

Then, he gives you the photo and you find your soul there” translated from an original text by Monica Bellucci.

This is exactly what you understood by scrolling through the pictures of these stars immobilised by Emanuele Scorcelletti. These stars who express that in their life and in their very artificial environment, this photographer knew how to found their true personalities to take us, elsewhere, in another relationship with the world of cinema.



Cannes Festival 2020

from 12th to 23rd of May 2020

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