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All archives of The Eye of Photography are classified by theme in this section. It contains various articles about photography art, exclusive interviews of famous photographers, an economic section, public or private collections presentations along with the latest trends in the photography world which are to be discovered in the magazine.

New Delhi –Family portraits

What’s becoming increasingly apparent from the history of Indian photography is the preoccupation with the family portrait. The considerable formalities of the studio portrait have given way to the snapshot…

Florent Mattei –The hate

The title of the exhibition Jusqu’ici tout va bien…#2 (Everything’s alright until now) is taken from Mathieu Kassovitz’s film La Haine (Hate). In this series, Florent Mattei creates a sort…

Sunil Gupta –Sun City

Sunil Gupta approaches a still delicate subject in India: homosexuality. Only in 2009 did the Court of Justice decriminalize a colonial act that stated that homosexuality and the “non natural…


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