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Discover here our coverage of all the photographic exhibitions in the world, in galleries, museums or cultural spaces, with analyzes, reviews, interviews, and portfolios of images.

Bamako 2011 –JR: Artocratie

Héla Ammar, Sophia Baraket,Wissal Dargueche, Rania Dourai, Hichem Driss, AzizTnani Artocratie en Tunisie, the first of JR’s Inside Out projects, was instigated by Slim Zeghal and Marco Berrebi.…

Bamako 2011 –Upekkha

We have great myths about our Egyptian army. One could write a whole mythology book. I often watch my children playing with Amazonian military characters on their PS3, and grow…

Valerie Schmidt

The images are constructions of theatricality and outline the affective logic of dramatic emotion. The isolation of the emotional state of emergency is a constant stylistic device of the photographs…

Naama Sarid

Naama Sarid [Tel Aviv, Israel, 1977] Architect. She began an intense career as a documentary and conceptual photographer in Madrid (2008). Had worked as a photographer in the Spanish magazine…

Max Hirshfeld

The 175 employees of Atlas Container produce corrugated boxes in a simple, mid-century building outside Baltimore, Md. I have photographed over 80 people so far in the factory in an attempt…

Martial Rossignol

My name is Martial Rossignol. I was born in 1958 and I live and work in Arras, France. After completing my studies (Economics and multimedia), I became a teacher. I…

Bryan Stokely

My name is Bryan Stokely. I'm 33 years old and I've been living and working in Japan for the past 7 years. I got started taking photos about 6 years…


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