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Author Efrem Zelony-Mindell

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Jeff Whetstone – Batture Ritual

Jeff Whetstone’s photographs and videos explore the micro- and macro-economies and ecologies along the Mississippi River’s batture near New Orleans, Louisiana. “Batture” is the French-creole term for the thin strip of…

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Jan Rattia: Tease

The body bears strange fruit. It shouldn’t be pinned down. It takes all—parts and light. A scene becomes a single sight, or a group. Together the form and volume of…

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Marco Scozzaro, Digital Deli

A world of ones and zeros, displayed digits and forgotten hands imbibe pockets and minds. Go to your street corner and engage those whose business it is to stock a…

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Thomas Albdorf, General View

Reality is disarrayed in specific images and iconic landscapes. There is an idea when you hear a word like park. An image grows; perhaps it blooms green in your mind…

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Make Imagination: Dillon DeWaters

In the darkness and dishonesty of abstraction there is a beautifully brooding reaction. It is very telling in its often-handcrafted purposefulness. It’s not that Dillon DeWaters is any more or…

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Thomas Roma, Plato’s Dogs

Dehors sous le soleil implacable et la houlette de Thomas Roma, un square pour chiens devient un empire de poussière. Chez Roma, les apparences les plus simples sont trompeuses, et…


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