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Arthaud : Jonk : Urbex Monde


Urban exploration allows you to immerse yourself in a forgotten past in places frozen in time. Peeling paint, rusty iron, broken glass, Soviet vestiges, places abandoned to nature… Thirty-five mythical places, mostly from urban exploration.

From the ghost town of Pripyat in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone to the houses full of sands of Kolmanskop in Namibia, you are about to travel the globe through places abandoned by man. From Japan to Argentina, from Cuba to Kazakhstan via Taiwan and the Old Continent, you will discover the most beautiful things on the planet in terms of “decay”. This decadence, this wear and tear of places linked to the passage of time, is the red thread of this work.

Discover thirty-five secret places sometimes intact, all abandoned by human society and reinvested by nature.

Jonk is 36 years old and a photographer. Living in Paris, Jonk discovered urban exploration at the end of the 2000s. Visiting abandoned places in search of graffiti, he realized the intensity of the atmospheres and the beauty of the spectacle of the passage of time: rust, cracked walls, peeling paint, broken windows, Nature regaining the upper hand create incredible greatly photogenic scenes. For him, all this is an infinite poetry. Today, he has visited more than one thousand five hundred in fifty countries on four continents.


Jonk : Urbex Monde
Collection : Arthaud Livres Illustrés
Publisher: Dumeige Valérie
Pages: 176
Size: 165×223
Shaping: Paperback
Publisher: DUMEIGE Valérie
EAN: 9782080255846
Price: €21.00

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