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The Questionnaire : Stéfanie Renoma by Carole Schmitz


Stéfanie Renoma : Rock’n Roll Attitude !

Her heart sways between fashion and photography, but why choose when you can do both? Although her style is offbeat, rather “sex, drugs & rock’n roll”, she always places art at the center of her creative vision and offers images that are generally surprising. Although her universe is sensual, her influences come essentially from the eroticism of the 70s, synonymous with humor and freedom. She prefers androgyny to masculinity and femininity.
For Stéfanie, the interpretation of anything to do with the arts depends on how you feel about it, how you see things and life, and what you’ve experienced.
A hedonist, she also believes that indulgence should be part of life and sharing, as it kills boredom.
A positive, creative personality, she takes the time to dream whenever she can, in order to create even more.
Her motto: believe in yourself, dare to try and never give up.


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Instagram : stefanierenoma


What was your first photographic breakthrough?
Stéfanie Renoma : Helmut Newton and Guy Bourdin’s work. Their way of seeing the world is an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

The man or woman who inspires you?
Stéfanie Renoma : My mom. A creature of mad inspiration and class.

The image you would have liked to have made?
Stéfanie Renoma : Photographing Alice Sapritch in an old motel in Los Angeles.

The one that moved you the most?
Stéfanie Renoma : There are so many.

And the one that made you angry?
Stéfanie Renoma : The overrated ones.

A key image in your personal pantheon?
Stéfanie Renoma : The horizon, the sea, old houses that tell a story, hotel rooms and their secrets.

A photographic memory from your childhood?
Stéfanie Renoma : A photo of my mother in an ultra-slit dress with a boa with Serge Gainsbourg, taken in Japan in the 80s.

With no budget limit, what work of art would you dream of acquiring?
Stéfanie Renoma : A painting by Fontana.

In your opinion, what’s the one quality needed to be a good photographer?
Stéfanie Renoma : Forget technique and tell a story with every image. Using your emotions is the absolute basis.

The secret to the perfect image, if it exists?
Stéfanie Renoma : Let go and don’t be afraid of failling. Use your emotions and play with light.

Who would you like to photograph?
Stéfanie Renoma : People with a sensitive soul.

It’s been said that photos capture the soul of those photographed?
Stéfanie Renoma : I think it’s true.

Which photographer would you like to have your portrait taken by?
Stéfanie Renoma : I prefer to be behind the lens.

An essential photo book?
Stéfanie Renoma : Newton’s Polaroids.

Your childhood camera?
Stéfanie Renoma : A Polaroid. Its uniqueness makes it a tool dear to my heart.

The one you use today?
Stéfanie Renoma : A Canon.

Your favorite drug?
Stéfanie Renoma : Good food.

The best way to disconnect?
Stéfanie Renoma : Sleep to dream.

What is your personal relationship with images?
Stéfanie Renoma : Rather blurred.

The job you wouldn’t have liked to do?
Stéfanie Renoma : Now that’s something to think about!

The best way to disconnect?
Stéfanie Renoma : Sleep to dream.

What is your personal relationship with images?
Stéfanie Renoma : Rather blurred.

Your greatest quality?
Stéfanie Renoma : Listening & empathy.

Your latest folly?
Stéfanie Renoma : Madness is the very essence of my life.

An image to illustrate a new banknote?
Stéfanie Renoma : A field of wheat.

What if you hadn’t become a photographer?
Stéfanie Renoma : film Director or writer.

Your greatest professional extravagance?
Stéfanie Renoma : I love it so much, so every day has to have its dose of extravagance. I’d say I’m lucky to be surrounded by people who are lavish, which makes my life totally extravagant.

What do you think is the difference between photography and art photography?
Stéfanie Renoma : The message is different. An art photograph should touch you and remind you of something that’s part of you.

 What city, country or culture do you dream of discovering?
Stéfanie Renoma : Japan.

The place you never tire of?
Stéfanie Renoma : Florida.

Your biggest regret?
Stéfanie Renoma : None. It’s useless.

In terms of social networks, do you prefer Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok or Tweeter, and why?
Stéfanie Renoma : Instagram. Is an essential sourcing tool.

What have digital technology and smartphones taken away from or brought to photography?
Stéfanie Renoma : Smartphones make images flat and they lack depth, they just capture the moment but not the depth, for me they can’t replace a camera.

Color or B&W?
Stéfanie Renoma : Both.

Daylight or artificial light?
Stéfanie Renoma : Daylight for its shadows and contrasts.

Do you prefer film or digital?
Stéfanie Renoma : Digital.

Which is the most photogenic city in your opinion?
Stéfanie Renoma : All of them. Because each one has something to tell us.

If God existed, would you ask him to pose for you, or would you opt for a selfie with him?
Stéfanie Renoma: I’d ask him to pose, of course.

If I could organize your ideal dinner party, who would be at the table?
Stéfanie Renoma : Prince, Andy Wharol, Dali, Miley Cyrus, Cher ,Thierry Mugler and Arsène Lupin.

Which image represents the current state of the world for you?
Stéfanie Renoma : A forest of poisonous mushrooms.

What’s missing in today’s world?
Stéfanie Renoma : Looking at others, listening to them and surprising them. People need attention.




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