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The Questionnaire : Romain Cabon by Carole Schmitz


Photography? obviously !

Photographic portraiture is one of the most popular genres, and Romain Cabon‘s portraits leave no one indifferent. His shots bring out a more intimate, vulnerable side of all those who pass before his lens. His view of others is full of humanity. The aesthetic of his portraits is highly singular, and his images are easily recognizable because he is emotionally involved in them. Romain Cabon works with contrasts, and likes to immortalize strangers as well as celebrities. He looks for emotions,

With his good looks, he could have been a model, but his discreet nature quickly put him behind the lens.

Curious about everything, fashion is also one of his favorite fields, with images that focus on the essential, so direct is his approach. An admirer of Richard Avedon, he loves movement, and makes his models live, dance and leap.

Enthusiastic, he forbids himself nothing and believes that the world is infinitely fascinating.


Instagram: romaincabb


What was your first photographic breakthrough?
Romain Cabon: My father developing his photos in the bathroom.
The smell of chemistry, and the red light under the door of that bathroom, which was off-limits to everyone! 🙂

The man or woman who inspires you?
Romain Cabon: Richard Avedon, Irving Penn.

The image you’d like to have made?
Romain Cabon: A beautiful portrait of my mother.

The one that moved you the most?
Romain Cabon: A photo of my son taken by surprise.
It amuses and touches me.
I like to look at it when I’m feeling down… (It’s in large format in my toilet) 🙂

© Romain Cabon

The one that made you angry?
Romain Cabon: A photo of the front of the Bataclan the day after the tragedy.

A key image in your personal pantheon?
Romain Cabon: The last one I made…
I like what I do when I do it. 
The next day I find the result mediocre… and so on! Until the next one…

A photographic memory from your childhood?
Romain Cabon : In a large drawer in my father’s studio, there was a whole collection of LUI magazines. I thought the cover pictures were magnificent…

With no budget limit, what work of art would you dream of acquiring?
Romain Cabon: Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling… But not easy to transport 🙂

What do you think makes a good photographer?
Romain Cabon: Curiosity and sincerity.

What, if any, is the secret to the perfect image?
Romain Cabon: I’d love to know! I’ll get back to you as soon as I find out. I promise!

Who would you like to photograph?
Romain Cabon: Jesus as Jean-Paul Gaultier…

The photographer you’d like to have your portrait taken by?
Romain Cabon: Nobody! I can’t stand being photographed!

A must-have photo book?
Romain Cabon: A family photo album. I think it’s the only photo book I like to look at again and again…

Your childhood camera?
Romain Cabon: My father’s Nikon FM2.

The one you use today?
Romain Cabon: Nikon D850.

Your favorite drug?
Romain Cabon: Irish coffee!

What’s the best way for you to disconnect?
Romain Cabon: Solitude! At the water’s edge preferably, a lake or a seaside… A fireplace, a good bottle of wine and a boeuf Bourguignon on the fire…

What is your personal relationship with images?
Romain Cabon: Improvisation… I like the unknown, I like the moment before the meeting, imagining the session beforehand and improvising on the spot.

What’s your best quality?
Romain Cabon: I know my faults by heart! And that’s a great quality, isn’t it?

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