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Susan Spiritus Gallery : Francisco Diaz and Deb Young


The International Collaboration Project Artists Francisco Diaz and Deb Young have signed an exclusive world-wide representation agreement with the Susan Spiritus and Susan Spiritus Gallery to represent their fine art photography.

The idea that two artist photographers—one male, the other female—can work together, in real time while being separated by a vast ocean, is revolutionary — but such is the nature of this new exploration, The International Collaboration Project, with Francisco Diaz (USA) + Deb Young (New Zealand).

Out of a joyful embrace of the 21st century digital era came their unique vision for The International Collaboration Project:  an inspired artistic effort wherein art photographers create works jointly from different corners of the globe, blending creative energies to design exceptional works as an example of true cooperation amongst global strangers in these difficult times.

​All of The International Collaboration Project work is created under the concept of “cinematic narrative photo-montages” — a reliance on movie sensibilities in the development of both Diaz + Young’s “narrative” and stylistic photographic approach. Another unique aspect of this work is that Young + Diaz integrate random photos that they snap to form the illusion of one cohesive image. This montaging of random, unrelated photos to give the illusion of a single snap allows Young + Diaz to raise the question of what is reality and to discuss the idea that our world is a fiction created by the limitations of our perceptions. The uniqueness of this collaboration is under scored by their working process — though Young + Diaz live over 8000 miles apart—he in the USA and she in New Zealand—they work digitally in real time, on each piece and have developed a way to set up their shots together by being able to see remotely through each other’s cameras!

« I’ve known about the collaborative work between Deb Young and Frank Diaz for quite some time, but I never understood the logistics as to how they did what they do. Being in this business now for 40 years and being ‘old school,’ I guess I was hung up on the how to, the final product and the fact that it was a collaborative effort. How could one photograph be created by two people?
After all, for the first 40 years of my being in business, there were only a few contemporary photographers who had collaborated before; notably Patrick Nagatani and Andrée Tracey whom I represented in the late ’70’s and early ’80’s. But, Nagatani and Tracey were living in the US and collaborated in the studio together.
Deb Young (New Zealand) and her partner (in art), Francisco Diaz (USA) live on different continents, in different time zones and are thousands of miles apart. I could not grasp this and unfortunately let these factors get in the way of my seeing their work. But that was then, and this is now…. since, I have come to understand exactly how they do work and do so in ‘real time.’
I have always indicated that I loved the fact that my gallery represented contemporary artists who were making unique creations and that the breadth of those I handled were each so varied and that few if any were duplicated. This has now led me to look more closely at work created by The International Collaboration Project.
Work by this creative duo fits right in to the philosophy of the Susan Spiritus Gallery for both the corporate and personal collectors, and I am happy to be taking on this duo of artists, Deb Young + Frank Diaz.

Susan Spiritus

Susan Spiritus Gallery
20351 Irvine Ave, Newport Beach
CA 92660
United States

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