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Special Edition : The Hulett Collection : René Groebli : The Eye of Love


In celebration of the 70th anniversary of René Groebli‘s seminal 1954 publication, ‘The Eye of Love”, The Hulett Collection hosts a captivating exhibition that pays homage to the enduring influence of this iconic body of work.

For me Groebli is one of the most sensual photographers in the history of photography. Each of his prints, in its grays, blacks and whites, is a passionate love letter to the woman he loved and photographed so much.

In the images of “The Eye of Love” it is a whole story of love and sensuality that he offers us.

This is the occasion to dedicate today’s edition to the prolific Swiss photographer.

Michael Hulett provided the images and the texts to illustrate the various sections of this Special Edition which goes beyond “The Eye of Love”, taking a close look at Groebli’s overall body of work.
Jean-Jacques Naudet


The Eye of Love
In 1952 my wife Rita and I spent our honeymoon in Paris.
Of course, as a professional photographer I carried my Leica and my Rolleiflex along. At the time I did not intend to produce a picture story, but merely wanted a few personal souvenirs. However, about a year later inspired by a client of mine I sought to tell a visual story, and thus created The Eye Of Love. Early on the NZZ (Neue Zürcher Zeitung) took it as “a cheap erotic pamphlet” – Since then however, “some” take it as what I intended it to be, a love poem. – René Groebli

Groebli’s ‘The Eye of Love’ (or ‘Das Auge Der Liebe’) is a timeless masterpiece, capturing intimate moments of love and desire in post-war Paris, while on his honeymoon. His evocative black-and-white photographs, characterized by their play of light and shadow, convey a heartfelt and sensuous narrative, shedding light on the profound human connections that transcend time. At this milestone exhibition, viewers will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the evocative and poetic world of ‘The Eye of Love,’ exploring the nuanced degrees of human emotion and interrelation that have made the series a timeless classic.

Groebli’s series captivates, offering glimpses not of a model’s affair, but of the unblemished bliss of a newly married couple in a Parisian hotel room. The luminous white shirt cascading from Rita’s newlywed form hints at encounters familiar in our own lives. The connection portrayed between these photographs is as scandalously beautiful as the enduring love and intimacy shared between these two individuals. Groebli’s intent was not mere documentation; rather, he sought to ignite associations, making emotions tangible, capturing fleeting moments, and conveying happiness through his lens.

The Hulett Collection’s exhibition offers an unparalleled opportunity to witness the evolution of René Groebli’s artistry, with a spotlight on ‘The Eye of Love.’ This showcase features twenty-four original works from the book but also an additional fourteen works from René’s other series highlighting his career in the medium.


René Groebli : ‘The Eye of Love’ – A 70 Year Retrospective
Until February 24th 2024
The Hulett Collection
1311 E 15th St.
Tulsa, OK 74120

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