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Seb Janiak : Mimesis


“MIMESIS” (Mimesis is a Greek word meaning imitation)

Mimesis is an adaptive imitation strategy.
There is a major difference between mimesis and camouflage in terms of evolution: camouflage capability, involving colour in particular, can appear and develop very quickly in a species through the interplay of mutations and selection, but mimesis by contrast is a complex co-evolutionary mechanism involving three species: the model, the imitator and the dupe.

But what is the most important is Mimesis involved memory and informations.
As said Ruppert Sheldrake : “hypothesis of morphic fields and morphic resonance, which leads to a vision of a living, developing universe with its own inherent memory. »
A flower which adapt her appearance involve a connection to this morphic fields.
This morphic field involve also a universe of information (Christianisme and Buddhism talk about a spiritual universe), outside time and space which feed our matter universe of informations…

People who prefer matter and believe in a materialistic point of view will see beauty of the Mimesis flowers, others who believe matter is just an illusion will feel it differently.
If you don’t believe in soul, or God or if you believe it all started from matter , you will see beautifull flower and a nice art piece. If you are spiritual and believe the invisible world is bigger than our visible world, mean if you believe there is something behind the matter’s veils, you will interpret the photo differently. I strongly believe matter came from spirit-conscience and not the opposite as most of the scientist want to believe.

Using art to reveal what is behind the veil of the matter is fascinating and full of discoveries.

Seb Janiak

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