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Saint-Jean Saint-Nicolas Media Library : Denis Lebioda : Waiting for the snow


Until October 28, Denis Lebioda presents his photographic exhibition “En attendant la neige” (Waiting for the snow) at the Saint-Jean Saint-Nicolas media library.
He accompanies it with these few words deliberately put in the 3rd person.


Waiting for the snow

“Deserted in this dead season,
the places had the charm of theater backstages
where stage managers put away the sets.”
Sylvain Tesson – The black paths

A photographic walk…

For several years, Denis Lebioda has enjoyed documenting the Hautes-Alpes region. His gaze is primarily focused on the men and women who live there and make a living from it. But he never manages to dissociate them from the landscapes, the villages, the elements of human and natural heritage which constitute their richness.

When he walks, the photographer considers it necessary to be accompanied by his trusty camera. Even if he doesn’t always use it, he tells himself that it can’t hurt a box to get some air. Especially the fresh mountain air! A photographer, a camera, and the destination-subject of their common quest: ski resorts.

For the presentation to be complete, let us specify that the photographer particularly appreciates autumn. You know, this season in between, not really known for tourism. The one that some do not hesitate to label with the infamous term “dead season”. What heresy!

Photographing ski resorts in autumn?

You will probably wonder if the photographer and his camera have not gone a little crazy? What is there to see and photograph while exploring these frozen places while waiting for the reason of their being? Hoping for the arrival of the white season. The one that’s going to happen. Which will arrive soon. Maybe. Or maybe not. Who knows, with this weather going crazy…

The photographer therefore decided to show the reverse side of the postcard. With him, you will find yourself in the heart of territories seemingly deserted by humans who nevertheless imagined, designed and built them. Who gave them life and keeps them alive. Empty chairlifts suspended in the blue. Improbable pylons planted in the middle of mountain pastures. Restaurant terraces possibly frequented by some discreet wild animals. Store windows housing mannequins with no one to seduce…

You are about to embark on a photographic walk that risks shaking up your habits. To take you beyond traditional and commercial alpine imagery as firmly anchored in the imagination as in promotional brochures.

We were out of season… We were waiting for the snow…


Denis Lebioda

Médiathèque de Saint-Jean Saint-Nicolas
2 place de la Mairie
05260 Saint-Jean-Saint-Nicolas, France

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