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Réflexivité[s] at Lourmarin


This event dedicated to photography tries to innovate in the context of hundreds of photography exhibitions that flood from our metropolises to the smallest village in our countryside. Everyone exhibits photographs that are rarely sublime, often very mediocre and without any soul other than a vindictive ego.

Boris Pierre, a new producer in this overused field, has set himself a real challenge to do things differently. He incorporates his emphasis on photography in a kind of cultural assembly that brings together various associations of cultural creation. The particularity of this gathering, around the village of Lourmarin, is that there is no mixing of genres, of these unavoidable performances, of these interpenetrations of mediocrity to, supposedly, give birth to a masterpiece, fortunately very generally ephemeral.

In Lourmarin, everyone stays in their field and in the creative “purity” of their art. The approach is interesting. The joint actions remain very transparent, the subjects dealt with are completely independent. A series of images will be the approach of the photographer which is affixed to a short story by a writer which is based on and treats the same subject. But at no time does one interfere with the other, the photographs do not illustrate the story, the text does not explain the images. It is the same for music, dance or sports activities. The public of some confronts the work of others. The idea is attractive, let’s wait to see if everyone stays in their field and if this approach can appeal to visitors who are more used to predigested show elsewhere.
Let’s go back to our photographs, they are presented in three places in the city and its surroundings. The main center is the large building of the Fruitière which has been refurbished to make it a digital and cultural center. The photographs are hung, on sets of panels, in a good scenography by Nicolas Havette who, as usual, knew how to make good reading choices with the means at his disposal. The fact that the attached texts no longer recount the life of the authors and the adventures that presided over their creations, but represent intrinsic works of literature, disturbs visitors a little. It’s good to get out of the “I thought for you” modes and to think about creations (even if they are not always completely finished).

All the exhibitions are led by the essential Hans Silvester who exhibits everywhere in the territory and is moreover the local hero. His images, which are close to half a century old, are always excellent and lift the event upwards.

Then, a few signatures that exhibit fairly regularly are present with images for which it is difficult to determine whether they are the result of an approach by the author and/or the will of one or more selectors.

Finally, I’m not sure that some series bring more to exhibitions and visitors.

This is only the second edition of this idea carried at arm’s length and financially by Boris Pierre is really excellent. This organization, which does not only work with money, must endure in the face of the financial behemoths who invade the cultural milieu (with their ulterior motives). The producer’s choices are oriented towards photojournalism, why not? In this case, authors who know how to master photographic techniques will be welcome, the delta between Hans and the others demonstrates this, if necessary.

The icing on the cake, NO(MAD), a printed paper magazine, whose latest issue covers, among other things, the 2023 exhibitions of Réflexivité(s). Whether you are lucky to go to Lourmarin before the end of July or whether it is impossible for you to come, the acquisition of this magazine will be a good commitment. The purchase on the spot or by Internet will give you an outline of one of the possible evolutions of photography and the message conveyed by images.

Good luck to Réflexivité(s), with a promising future, which will certainly be able to take advantage of its innovative spirit to seek out talents, authentic photographers, to highlight.

Thierry Maindrault


June 16, 2023 to July 30, 2023

espace Albert Camus
avenue Philippe de Girard & La Fruitière Numérique
avenue du 8 mai 1945
84160 Lourmarin [Provence • France]

ancienne école
route de Vaugines
84160 Vaugines [Provence • France]

Monday to Friday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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