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Réflexivité(s) : Anaïs Tondeur


Anaïs Tondeur (1985) is an artist rooted in ecology. She lives and works in Paris.
Anaïs is committed to an interdisciplinary practice through which she explores new ways of narrating the world, that can transform our relationship with other living beings and the earth’s great cycles. Composing a kind of awareness lab, she develops her work through research and fiction, presented in the form of installations, photography or procedures related to alchemy.
Many of her projects thus spring from encounters, sentient occurrences with an element, a territory or other ways of knowing and perceiving the world. She enjoys doing research, which leads to a state of amplified openness and attentiveness. Whether tracking real phenomena or imagined elements and characters, these subjects become guides into worlds that would otherwise remain out of reach and invisible.


On April 26th 1986, at 1:32:44 AM, a power test in the Chernobyl nuclear power station went catastrophically wrong. The heart of reactor number 4 exploded, and from it a cloud of radioactive particles escaped into the atmosphere.
Three decades after the accident, the 30km exclusion zone around the power station has been made accessible once more, revealing opulent vegetation. This project is composed of one rayogram per year since the explosion. They are created by direct imprints of specimens from a radioactive herbarium on photosensitive plates.


From July 14 to 31, 2022
Lourmarin, France

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