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Planches Contact 2023 – With photo4food Foundation


Five guest photographers with the photo4food foundation present their work at Point de Vue and on the beach for this 14th festival: Carline Bourdelas, Benjamin Decoin, Thomas Jorion, Sandra Matamoros, Julien Mignot.

The photo4food foundation, set up by Olivier and Virginie Goy, aims to fund meals for the disadvantaged through the sale of photographs and donations from the public. To support artists, the foundation also promotes their work to a large community of art lovers, especially through exhibitions and the residence in partnership with Planches Contact.

Five photographers were selected by Laura Serani and the foundation’s orientation committee. They were welcomed this year to provide an original work about Normandy. Their photos, as well as the work of the other guests and friends of the festival, will be sold on behalf of the Côte Fleurie Red Cross during the inaugural weekend.


Carline Bourdelas – What never dies

At the heart of the Normandy coasts, Carline Bourdelas has taken inspiration from the masterpiece  Within a Budding Grove by Marcel Proust, much loved in the region. The photographer sets off in search of the delicate poetry and fleeting emotions scattered through the novel, taking us into a world where literature and photography meet. Her pictures become “tableaux vivants”, where the special atmosphere of Normandy and the questions raised by Proust are combined. Carline Bourdelas embarks on a visual journey to seize the essence of the novel’s reflections about memory, the passing of time and human relations.


Benjamin Decoin – Breaking the Waves

“What is the sea? A collection of waves, an infinity of water molecules, one hundred thousand billion atoms? If you break the sea, shatter the waves, what remains? Other waves, other drops of water?” – Benjamin Decoin. Benjamin Decoin’s photos are an invitation to explore the real essence of the sea, its constituent parts and all its variations. By focusing on the timeless beauty of the water, Benjamin Decoin asks us to think about what remains when the ephemeral is dissipated in an aesthetic style close to painting.


Thomas Jorion – Mineral Ocean

Thomas Jorion is intrigued by the traces of the past, harmoniously combined with the landscape and architecture in his work. In Normandy, he focused on the marks left behind by seascapes. Vestiges from a long-gone or recent past, ruins from the Second World War, isolated houses facing the waves or weather- beaten piers all bear witness to the inescapable hold of the sea and of the elements over our existence, despite our desire for permanence.


Sandra Matamoros – Tripping Point

Sandra Matamoros started out with the idea of working with landscapes, evoking the Earth as a star, but in Normandy she was overwhelmed by the destructive reality of the coast. Whole sections of houses fallen into the sea, rocks collapsing onto the beach, roads curved by the impact of gravity linked to coastal erosion… She then photographed a mirror cube, a recurring feature in her work, a way to fill the elements that have disappeared from the landscape. A poetic depiction of the fragility of our environment.


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