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MUSEC : Unpublished Photo 2023 : W.VV.VV : Psytopia


W.VV.VV, is a 29-year-old non-binary digital artist and photographer and one of the 2023’s Unpublished Photo open call winners The current exhibition at MUSEC is nothing short of captivating. Their series, “Psytopia”, an exploration of fantastical landscapes through pastel pink photography and AR filters, aims to spark profound reflections on existence and societal transformation.

W.VV.VV’s artistic odyssey is as compelling as it is visionary. In “Psytopia,” they meticulously document nocturnal urban scenes across Japanese cities, from Tokyo to Hiroshima, immersing themselves in countless nights and dawns. Their keen eye for detail and unique perspective evokes a poignant sense of solitude amidst bustling urban life. Each image serves as a gateway to a psychological realm, prompting viewers to embark on a journey of introspection.

Beyond their photographic prowess, W.VV.VV has delved into the world of augmented reality (AR) filters, unveiling captivating creations on platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. Their filters, including the viral “Invisible” filter, have garnered a staggering 8 billion views to date, cementing their status as a trailblazer in contemporary art.

The inspiration behind the “Psytopia” art photography collection stems from a desire to unveil the hidden facets of my darker side that I’ve kept concealed. While my usual style of photography leans towards bright and pastel tones, the “Psytopia” series takes a slightly darker yet colorful approach, courtesy of its photography nature. Engaging in numerous night photo walks across various cities and countries has long fueled my fascination with showcasing the captivating allure of nighttime urban landscapes.

The editing process for this collection draws inspiration from the myriad of media I’ve immersed myself in over the years—cyberpunk, futurism, and dystopian worlds depicted in cinema and anime. I am enamored with the surreal aesthetic, and through meticulous photo manipulation, I have crafted a new reality rooted in real-world locations. My aim is for each photograph to serve as a portal, inviting viewers to step into my imaginative universe and experience the amalgamation of reality and fantasy depicted in the “Psytopia” series.


Applications are now open to the 5th edition of Unpublished Photo 2024 – the global photographic open call, an annual initiative for 18-30 year olds, an initiative from the esteemed MUSEC museum in Lugano, overseen by Fondazione culture e musei. Photographers are invited to submit their works HERE. No themes or fees apply just 10 unpublished images, accompanied by a project description and brief biography, all of which must be previously unpublished. Deadline: April 15, ’24. The selected works of the four finalists will be showcased at MUSEC’s Villa Malpensata venue from December 15, 2024, to March 2, 2025, accompanied by cash prizes.


The MUSEC, Museo delle Culture di Lugano
Riva Antonio Caccia 5
6900 Lugano, Switzerland

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