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MPB Shakes The Second-Hand Up


Specialising in the sale and purchase of second-hand equipment, MPB has developed and structured itself to make the buying and selling process as efficient as possible. Today, the company’s success is based on a balance between the implementation of a simple and accessible online support and the will to offer a human, reliable and secure service for buyers and sellers of photographic equipment.

The second-hand market is growing, expanding and taking an increasingly important place in the photography market. But understandable reticence persists. To overcome this, the MPB company has organised itself in order to facilitate the sale and purchase process, to make it more reliable and to give guarantees to amateurs and professionals of the image.

After ten years of evolution, MPB offers worldwide the sale but also the repurchase of almost any type of modern second-hand photo and video equipment: SLR, hybrid, medium format, camera, etc. Interested in brands known to the general public (Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Panasonic, Olympus, etc.) as well as those intended more specifically for image professionals (Blackmagic, Leica, Hasselblad), the company takes back both shooting equipment and certain accessories (tripods, bags, memory cards, batteries) and remains available for any request and proposal.

Simple, basic

To offer MPB equipment, the exchange is clear: an online form, in which the seller presents the type of equipment, its condition (on a scale ranging from “as new” to “used”) and after a few clicks, he receives a quote in line with his description and the current photography market. This does not commit the seller to anything, but simply lets them know if they wish to continue the process and entrust their equipment to MPB (shipping paid for by the company). After validation, the camera, tripod, bag, etc. is taken in charge by the company’s professionals who inspect it and analyse whether it corresponds to the expected condition. After agreement, the seller receives payment within a few days. If the seller prefers an exchange, the principle remains the same, only the payment to be made varies according to the situation. If the value of what is sold is higher than the value of the purchase, MPB pays the difference. Conversely, if the value is lower, only the difference has to be paid.

Purchasing is even simpler: browsing the website makes it easy to find any type of material from the wide range offered by the company. Once you have made your choice, informed by the condition of the camera and the lens, the purchase is made in a few clicks, with the added bonus of a six-month guarantee that adds security to the process.

A tried and tested method

This simple and tried and tested system seems to have proved itself, as shown by the 4.8/5 rating on the Trustpilot website, including recent glowing comments, particularly from Internet users who have chosen to resell used equipment in order to buy others, also second-hand, but still inspected and of good quality: “I wanted to buy a second-hand lens ‘as new’ and at the same time sell equipment that I was no longer using. I was very satisfied with the way the purchase and sale of the equipment went. The equipment I sold was well valued, the shipping and verification was very quick, in the order of a few days. After that I received the lens I bought, which was as good as new. I recommend it. Or this Internet user, who expresses his legitimate reservations about entrusting his equipment to a company: “I was reluctant to send a lens to Germany to benefit from a trade-in and everything went very well. I was reluctant to send a lens to Germany for a trade-in and everything went very well. The shipping costs are covered, the package was delivered quickly and I very quickly received a trade-in offer. I was able to sell a lens I didn’t need and buy the one I had been looking for, for several months. The purchased lens arrived within a few days, perfectly packaged and as described. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy my next photo equipment there.

These returns have helped to dispel the reservations that still exist on the second-hand market and show that this method of buying and selling can be simple, fast and reliable.

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