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Milan 2012 – Fabbrica Eos


Fabbrica Eos was founded in Milan in 1987 From the beginning it stood out for emerging artists as well as for the opening of every area of creativity: design, photography, music and advertising; among the artists that have begun in Fabbrica Eos there are Federico Guida, Davide Nido, Dany Vescovi, Cracking Art group, Robert Gligorov, Giovanni Sesia, Enzo Fiore, Masbedo and Luca Caccioni. 
It showed also great interest to expatriate artists, in particular Chinese with Zhao Bandi’s activity, and the African testimony of the work made by George Lilanga, David Ochieng’, Richard Onyango, Esther Mahlangu and Maurus M. Malikita. In 1996, “Senza Zucchero”, the first television broadcast that talks about art, was broadcasted on Odeon national television. 
In 1997, Fabbrica Eos moved to its current office where it openned with an exhibition of Mimmo Rotella in collaboration with art critic, Pierre Restany. Fabbrica Eos went on discovering young talents giving them additional visibility out of the confines of the gallery through shows in other locations and through collaborations with other Art Gallery in Italy and abroad; main artists of Fabbrica Eos are: José D’Apice, Francesco Di Luca, Manuel Felisi, Andrea Francolino, Fabio Giampietro, Dario Goldaniga, Giuseppe Mastromatteo, David Reimondo , Rosfer&Shaokun, Dado Schapira, Troilo; at this time there is a collaboration with Corrado Levi.

The Fabbrica Eos Gallery has followed the work of Giuseppe Mastromatteo and Rosfer & Shaokun, photographers, for some time. Two ideas of art photography born and developed in different contexts; two artists who, in order to manipulate images, use seemingly opposite tools which in the end tell a similar story. 
Mastromatteo develops the new series «  Indepensense » in multiethnic New York, and the perfect bodies which have always been the subject of his shots, thanks to a capable post-production work, undergo a transformation which is not only exclusively physical, it is beyond the body and invades the universal culture; the skin mutes its color, the subject seems to communicate its muteness of identity and the fusion of its ethnicity. 
The faces regard and confront one another; the bodies touch and influence one another, they come together in a confused and profound embrace wherein it is difficult to distinguish—a symbiosis of culture and identity. Three different women are united in one portrait, recognizable from the fusion of their different somatic traits; the result is a new woman, an apparently forced vision from the physical point of view but not so very utopian or far from reality; a vision which, while it strikes the observer right away, afterwards convinces him to accept it as real. 
The work of Rosfer & Shaokun in the series “Visioni per Inciso” and “Face Off No Land” were born instead in China; for this pair of Italian-Chinese artists, dialogue is fundamental and the commingling of their different identities and cultural origins expresses itself fully in the works where the two visions are literally superimposed on one another. 
With the verve of a fashion photographer, Ruggero Rosfer captures the expressiveness in the physiognomy of Shaokun, the undisputed protagonist of the works; the shots with Western flavor welcome artistic intervention, which can express the artists’ approach and his typically Oriental technique: Shaokun intervenes, in fact, on the 6 x 7 photo colors of these shots, painting them and engraving them in miniature; the result is a new photo, more properly a work of art which recounts an entire country and its identity, rich with tradition and contradictions.

Fabbrica Eos
Fabbrica Eos, p.zza Baiamonti 2
20154 Milano
tel. 02.6596532
[email protected]

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