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Michel Stefanini



Could the Minotaur be the mirror of our own actions? Does it illustrate, wandering endlessly in its labyrinth, the disturbing strangeness of our humanity? Neither god, nor man, nor beast, this being diverges, adds, in an endless wandering, the sum of our differences.
Aggregate, chimera, aberration, this “other” carries within itself the entire expression of our fears, thus becoming the improbable reflection of the perfect culprit. In the assuming only animated by his instinctive impulses, we overwhelm him of our ignorance. Would he therefore, alone, bear the responsibility for our actions more vile? It would no doubt be manipulating our minds to want us to persuade.
But, in the end, what intelligence could have flourished in such terms ? What spirit would resist such confinement? Finally, what sacrifices should we consent, so that a criminal act, simply due to a wire, becomes “providential” liberation?
Would our labyrinths be so complex…so insoluble, that we cannot can escape only by death?
Naively, by looking away, we think we are liberated. We let us create fanciful landscapes. Lost in the light of an invisible loneliness, we think them real. We train, plot after plot… imperturbable… our own labyrinths, decidedly infinite.
“All the elements that make up this work, belong to the territory in which I live, from the tiniest of hairs, to the vastest of skies, nothing is foreign to it… and yet, each “image” proceeds, I suppose, of something universal”.

Michael Stefanini


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