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Marion Coulomb & Thibaud Ponce


Human, Humus and Humility

“Nature does not exist (…) we must rethink the relationship between humans and non-humans.” – Philippe Descola

Brut de Peaux: this is the politico-artistic expedition led by the photographic duo Marion Coulomb and Thibaud Ponce to question the relationship of power between humans and natural environments.
Undressing, laying down their armor, was the basis of building emotions of their work.


Naked, sometimes for several hours, they experience finding themselves alone and permeable among the living, an attempt to become one.
Coming into contact with the elements that sting, rediscovering your primitive vulnerability, realizing that showing humility in the face of the greatness of nature is not a choice but a condition for survival.
In their photographic duo, there are two chapters that are written in a hypothetical order: the violence of man on the environment or the hostility of nature and its laws which threaten to surge.

A huge but destructible base

Human, humus and humility have the same etymology, the earth, the soil, our base.
The Amazonian forest, moss eating away at the concrete, bark black as death, faded red earth. These are the landscapes we have crossed.
In a humanity that is collapsing day by day under its omnipotence, the reports of a degradation of the living, in general, are multiplying.
Will we experience a reversal of the power of nature over humans? Or is it still possible to claim the utopia of unity?

Marion Coulomb & Thibaud Ponce 


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