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Leila Grillo


I have recently taken on the project of turning the camera to myself after years of being afraid of it. In each shoot, I take on a different character that I have in my mind, transforming myself physically and mentally into the mood and character of this imaginative figure. They usually start off simply, following the ideas of fleeting images between states of dreaming, hyperactively awake, or the in between. Many of the shoots show slow undoings of somewhat androgynous figures in strange environments, traveling deeper and deeper into my inner self , exploring its layers, swimming past images of a pile of cigarette boxes, jumbled hair, and reflections on the past. Not only is the project for the visually appealing element of odd objects and abstract colors and movements, but also to portray my emotions and state of mind in these recent days. Lying awake at night with my mind racing, images and phrases fluttering through the inner space like flocks of birds. Going through the extreme highs and lows of emotions leaving me utterly mentally exhausted. Dealing with the turbulence of ones mind has led me to this project. Forming upon all the textures, sounds, and swirls of sentiments and dreams to a night fully devoted to creative renderings of it all. Drawing on the perpetual chaotic harmony of memories, emotions, and infatuations. The experience of giving yourself to the camera can leave one so tired but also incredibly rewarded.

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