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Best Of Portfolios 2021 : Jim Matusik


Where in the World ?

You might call me a supernatural noticer, a phrase that I heard recently in an “Artspeak” proclamation. I imagine that it refers to someone who moves with almost professional curiosity through a brilliantly colored world.
Traveling as if in a motion picture, where all of  lifes’ details are carefully scrutinized through a projector that never stops.

You have to observe carefully however, because a vivid imagination won’t take you far enough. You have to have a proven sense of wonder to really see stars.

If you can really take notice of your life, you can make it into a movie, but make sure that its one you want to be in because your  imagination will create a busy reality. Each day what seems like an infinity of images may get plastered onto it.

Sometimes an image will freeze like in the frame of a projector. Suddenly something may start to smoke, and your dream can melt away. Faraway so close. These risks are worth it to the ardent observer.

These photographs are perfectly true, but they are not some casual moment found around the corner. They are stylized and orchestrated to get somewhere new and unseen.Like that great floral giant invading a small town or a life sized red rooster defending his crown. Something shiny for the noticer to notice.

Moving  pieces to form a puzzle, but something may not seem to fit. Naked save a clue, and you are stuck with an intriguing riddle that begs to be solved.

But lets not shape it into another comfortable reality and feel like we have this ones number, because, in the end, an unsolved mystery gives a dog his best day.

Jim Matusik

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