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Jacques Revon


My gaze and my research behind the frosted glass of my old 8×10 wooden photographic camera.

Discovering for a long time an upside-down image, transmitted by a lens on the frosted sighting glass of my wooden camera, I have always been captivated by this optical phenomenon concretized on the so-called frosted glass.

Namely, the transport of the light rays which arrive inverted, from left to right and from top to bottom, those of my real vision of a subject, as also this grainy side reproduced from the image on this particular translucent glass.

This satin glass allows us to visualize what we want to photograph, to first frame it, then to adjust the focus so that it becomes clear to our eyes.

This long observation made me want to capture in my own way, this moment that I always feel magical and aesthetic.

I imagine each time that this moment of visualization must have captivated the pioneers of photography, like a certain Nicéphore Niépce who seized it through his many experiences in Saint-Loup-de-Varennes in Burgundy, one day of the year 1816.

So I offer you today these few images, those of these unique moments when under the black veil of my camera, the image appears to me there… so beautiful!

Jacques Revon

[email protected]
Journaliste honoraire, auteur, photographe

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