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Isabelle Françaix



The ANIMAL Project is an evolving series of black-and-white portraits of people aged between 16 and 70 who have agreed to undergo an unusual experience: dressed in black on a black background, they reveal only as much of their bodies and faces as they are willing to bare. Only their skin, hair and eyes appear.

They choose one or more pieces of music to help them leave their everyday concerns behind for the duration of the shoot, allowing their most authentic intimacy to emerge. Some stand still, eyes closed, while others dance or interpret new stories through their gestures. In this poetic relational act, where photography and music create a singular space-time, the body stiffens and masks fall away. Another face is revealed, instinctive, sensitive, wild. Always strange and surprising.

Silent narratives emerge from the naked soul, crossing bodies and bringing them to life.
Is strangeness our truth?

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