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Grégoire Dupuis


The Marine’s Souls

This series began in 2008 and continues today.

Its particularity is that it has been the same place for 13 years.

Photographer for fifteen years, I have undoubtedly kept my child’s soul, but it was above all as a man of the sea that I saw, in the Atlantic foam, scenes, characters, chimeras that invite us to pose our gaze and our emotions thanks to the meeting of extreme elements which clash and confront each other.

In a fraction of a second is revealed by the spectacle of the raging elements, several stories.

At first, the purely aesthetic cliché, which we could be satisfied with, becomes, secondly, an emotional adventure, ours.

By a subtle interlacing between the photographic form and the background, I blur the tracks.

I shift and reverse the horizons, affirm the contrasts, flirt with the abstract …

The Ames Marines are not just the marvelous notes of an aquatic symphony.

They are “our soul in the mirror”, the multiple facets of our own feelings, with our contradictions, our joys, our fantasies too.

It is an interpretation of photo-poetic vagaries where every detail must find its place to sublimate an element millions of times seen and photographed but never looked at and scrutinized in this way.

By fixing the sensitive movement, I extract a story, a sensation, an emancipation.

My vision is not intended to provide a ready-made answer, it is an approach inspired by a maieutics.

To conclude, I subscribe to this thought:

“The same process makes me look for noise hidden in silence, movement in stillness, life in the inanimate, the infinite in the finite, forms in the void, and myself in anonymity. ” – Joan Miró

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