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Fab Rideti



Many creation myths place the tree at the heart of life. The forest embodies our share of shadows and dreams: it either frightens or enchants us, a legacy of the pagan world that has populated our subconscious with evil or protective entities.

In the pursuit of progress, man has stopped listening to these guardians of our origins. The forest has become a raw material, reduced to paper pulp and packaging. Dreams no longer have a place here. Enslaved, it has become cardboard, and cardboard more precious than trees…

In the shadow of the forest, the power of timeless, primitive nature collides with our powerlessness to resist a non-essential delivery of excessive urgency.
With e-Forest, Fab Rideti once again combines art and derision to make us reflect on our consumerist frenzy.

She repopulates the forest of mythical figures she has designed from recycled cardboard packaging.
Her forest is thus adorned with the very thing that undresses it, reminding us of the beings that have secretly inhabited it for millennia: here an old Celtic soul whose beard grows deeper every day, there a pensive elf, plus Cernunos, the Gallic God, with his stag’s antlers, or a driade, guardian of the beech forests with the air of a great reaper…
Through the cardboard they’re made of, e-Forest’s characters claim their nourishing forest for us, and invite each and every one of us to find a new breath of life in it.

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