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Emanuele Scorcelletti : Creazioni Visibili


Text by Thierry Maindrault

When Man is looking for himself his Creativity blows up.

In a few words we are in the presence of Emanuele Scorcelletti this talented creator invited by Leica to exhibit a small retrospective of his works inside the gallery already very emblematic of Frankfurt.

What’s more normal for the most European of photographers, he was born in Luxembourg at the beginning of the 60’s, he is Italian of nationality, he is Parisian of adoption and he is acclaimed by the most prestigious of the German brands, of which he is an ambassador. He owns very important and natural link with the photography of which he remains, to this day, one of the rare survivors to master perfectly the technique. Essential  to the creativity, technique that he learned in Brussels at the National Institute of Photography and Cinematography, technical supported by a presence at Gamma Agency along 20 years , a technique exploited in all areas of expression through photography that ranges from fashion to landscapes, from portraiture to scenic montages, etc. He knows how to do everything …

The stage is ready for to enter Emanuele’s imagination field, in this filmed story that he loves so much in his own stories. This man is the specialist of large gaps, not the least of which, the gaps of the extreme. He sails brilliantly in all his own uncertainties, sometimes painful, that give birth to works so complete that the reading of only one of his pictures speaks to us as if it were a series, a story, a movie sequence.

He hesitates, questions himself and expresses himself through a total worked mastery of photographic tools. Even his technological choices are philosophical, photographic films or shots digital, negative scans or bromide prints, black and white or colorful expression. He prefers a beautiful baryta print extracted from a black and white film, but his clients, all competitors inside the modern world, prefer the digital proof rich in color for immediate incorporation on a videographic site. As a true professional, once again, Emanuele Scorcelletti achieves both extremes with the same perfectionism that is lacking in many of his young competitors.

The film continues with this obvious contradiction between the recognized photographer of scenes of life or scenes of show that think Italian cinema every time he presses the button and who is involved in the glitzy life called Parisian life, on one side. On the other side, it is the reserved little boy, even timid, who was subjugated by “the school of Misa” specialy one of the masters to think : Mario Giacomelli which he met or the precepts of Giuseppe Cavalli, that he will assimilate.

The sequences follow each other, the author feels a need for recognition, he claims his work under spotlights, he accepts this stressful journey among the great names of “stars” all of that highlighted by the cumulative constraints of a profession that evolves financially towards a total debacle. What a contrast with the man who breathes in the shade (this shade often present in his photographs), who dreams in simplicity, and who aspires to fullness with great nostalgia for the simple life of his ancestors in the middle of these lands still a little spared in this central and Adriatic Italy.

Then comes the time, images that are purified and come alive in radically different aesthetic choices, with the techniques that let the thought control the time. Again a shock of opposites, an unlikely allegory; and yet, the creator emerges without complex, with his owned mastery of the light, to restore us in each image a complete history whatever its origin. This very good creator knows how to erase in all his photographic creations the subject and the photographer to keep only a readable and powerful message; and this, whatever the model that stands in front of its objectives; even if the character is often in the top summits of show business.

As in all these good mythical movies he loves, this session ends on this exhibition of recognition of his past works. I trust Emanuele Scorcelletti, this half hermit is already working on his next scenario, and if it was that of a master of photography.


Creazioni visibili par Emanuele Scorcelletti

from 11/22/2019 to 02/01/2020


Großer Hirschgraben 15

60311 Frankfurt am Main

Phone: +49 (0) 69 – 9207070


Opening hours: Monday – Friday 10.00 am – 7.00 pm,

Saturday 10.00 am – 5.00 pm and by appointment



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