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Daniele Corradini Grazzi – Florilègio 2016-2017

[from lat. Renaiss, florilegium, flos, floris <<flower>> and legĕre <<to pick>> calque of gr. ἀνϑολογία]
In being, or if you prefer in our consciousness something is always missing that can be or will be; of this thing that’s missing, its own end is part of it, that is death’ (cit.)
The flower, symbol of beauty and existence’s precariousness, that by nature it blossoms and, once is withered, it dies, here is represented in its full bloom, but torn from its roots, from the bond with reality. In the conscious gesture of a goodbye, still suspended in a warm trace of a lived life, of life still present and of unrelenting death, corollas exhale that last breath, those last unspoken words, accepting (and almost mocking), the anticipation of its own destiny.
For each flower I wanted to tie them with a poem of a suicidal poets or writer in this way:
1) Jump into the void (Red rose): Everyone finds out, more or less in their own life, that a perfect happiness is not achievable, but just a few pay attention to the opposite consideration: that is a perfect sadness. (Primo Levi)
2) Weapon (Black calla flower): To those who goes wondering for a definition of life, I would like to present you the following: the matter, when it begins to suffer (Guido Morselli – writer)
3) Hanging (Pink gerbera flower): Right now, we leave little by little, towards the country where joy and quietness are ( Sergej Esenin – poet)
4) Drowning (Red gerbera flower): It had some moments of nudity, in which it seemed a soul ripped from a body, hesitant on a windy pinnacle and exposed without protection from every gusts of doubt (Virginia Woolf – writer).
5) Gas (Sunflower): Her dead body wears the smile of accomplishment, the illusion of a Greek necessity flows in the scrolls of her toga, her bare feet seem to be saying: We have come so far, it is over… (Sylvia Plath – poetress)
6) White weapon (Red Anthurium): Poetry is the balm for what’s unappeasable in life (Karoline von Gunderrode – poetress)
7) Barbiturates (White Chrysanthenum): I will burn – candle on winter’s flowers – passing out at sun light (Antonia Pozzi – poetress)
8) Cutting veins (Red rose): When you’ll have despised death, you’ll have won every fear – mortem ubi contemnes, vinceris omnes metus (Seneca – philosopher)
9) Poisoning (Orange rose): By now the time for me to die has come, for you to live. Who, between us, will go towards the best destiny is unknown to everyone, except to divinity. (Socrate – philosopher)

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