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Close UP : Juergen Nogai, F15 Gallery by Patricia Lanza


Juergen Nogai, has recently opened in late 2022 a new art gallery, F15 in Bremen Germany.  He earned his degree as a Fine Arts Major, and went on to study Film, Theatre and Television Production, which eventually led him to photography.  He began his career in 1980, with several gallery exhibitions of his work and created his photographic studio in Bremen, Germany, working with museums, galleries, private collectors, advertising, and design firms.  During this period, he also taught Art, Photography and German Language at the High School level.

His career changed course, when he moved to Los Angeles in 2000, and shortly thereafter began a very rewarding collaboration with Julius Shulman, which was to last a decade. Shulman is considered to be one of the most important and influential architectural photographers of his generation and worldwide. Together they collaborated in over two hundred assignments, and a wide variety of clients and were published in books and magazines. Some of their clients included: The Annenberg Space for Photography, The Getty Trust, The Griffith Observatory, the City of Los Angeles, and the National Trust / Philip Johnson Estate, in addition for architects and private commissions.


F15 Gallery
Fedelhoeren 15
28203 Bremen, Germany
Tel.: +49 176 329649
Instagram: F15 Gallery


Patricia Lanza : Discuss your work and collaboration with Julius Shulman, opening of your Gallery F15 and the premier exhibition which opened November 2022  

Juergen Nogai : Photography Julius Shulman & Juergen Nogai, L.A.
Titled: ‘NOT ONLY ARCHITECTURE.’ Nov 11, 2022­––Jan 1, 2023

For the first time, the inaugural exhibition will feature not exclusively architectural photographs, for which Julius Shulman (1910-2009) is considered to be one of the most important and influential photographers worldwide. In the middle of the last century, alongside Ezra Stoller, he shaped the way architecture was viewed and communicated to an interested public, especially in the United States. In his thoroughly constructed images, Shulman not only showed the elegance and beauty of the architecture of American Modernism from the 1930s to the 1970s, but he also conveyed the function of the buildings and created idealized ‘snapshots’ of the way of life of their ‘inhabitants’. Probably his best-known photographic icon worldwide is an evening scene of people in a ‘glass house’ seemingly floating above Los Angeles (Case Study House 22).

With the triumph of Postmodernism, Shulman ended his work behind the camera in the late 1970s. From then on, he devoted himself to communicating his view of modern architecture and created countless publications with his images.

Meeting the Bremen-based architectural photographer, Juergen Nogai, in Los Angeles in 1999 and experiencing a similar aesthetic understanding of images, led the two to collaborate as equal partners, a relationship that lasted almost a decade until Shulman’s death and resulted in a deep and intense friendship.

The collaboration in the photographic arts between Shulman and Nogai enriched each other in technical as well as content-related image design and photographing conception. They managed more than 180 different photo assignments for books, magazines, the film industry etc., which also led to several joint exhibitions in the USA and Europe and entered many collections.

By working together, Shulman and Nogai were able to pool their expertise and ideas resulting in a broader range of creative possibilities. This artistic partnership was enhanced in both technical and well as content-related image design and concepts. They produced more than one hundred eighty different photographic assignments for books, magazines and the film industry. These led to several joint exhibitions in the United States and Europe and major collections.

All photographs are analog and exposed on fine art photographic paper. All works shown in the opening exhibition are from private collections and for sale in limited editions.

Shulman’s extensive archive had been acquired during his lifetime by the J.P. Getty Museum, Los Angeles. The joint archive of Photography Julius Shulman & Juergen Nogai, L.A., is now retained by Juergen Nogai with all rights reserved, and available. For more information:, [email protected]


Lanza : What kind of Art/Photography will be shown at the F15 Gallery?

Nogai : We are showcasing a variety of work from all genres of the photographic medium.

  • Patricia Lanza (IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF VAN GOGH) A photographic series that follows Van Gogh’s artistic journey in France. Inclusive are places that are closed to public including the gardens of the asylum at St. Remy, France, and new discoveries such as the almond tree which was his inspiration for the Almond Blossom painting which still exists noted by Martin Bailey in the Art News.

Opening June 23, 2023, to August 26, 2023.

  • Gerd Ludwig, series on `SLEEPING CARS` Los Angeles, April 14, 2023-June 17, 2023 with Joseph Beuys` (1978), documentary, fine art photography.
  • Michael Lange, fine art and landscape photographer. Sept 1, 2023, opening.
  • Kerstin Potthoff, fine art and architectural photographer
  • Gerhard Linnekogel, `FROM A DIFFERENT WORLD`, street photography, life-style and fine art photography January 30—March, 2023
  • Jochen Stoss, `CHILDREN OF THE SCHNOOR`(1965), documentary


Lanza : What kind of programs will be offered at the F15 Gallery and what are your ideas for its future?

Nogai : I as the gallery owner would like to create a forum for photography at Fedelhören 15 in Bremen and establish a meeting place for collectors, interested parties and photographers. I will present nationally and internationally renowned photographers and their works in changing exhibitions to an audience for Bremen and beyond.

With artist lectures and other events for visual education, the gallery owner want to contribute to an appreciation of photography as an art form in all its diversities.

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