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Catherene Lee


2021 : Un crépuscule

The ecological transition, and the relationship between humans and nature, are among the subjects that touch me the most.  In this conceptual photography project that I entitled “2021: Un crépuscule”, I chose to approach this subject in a rather introspective manner – speaking not only of our material relationship with nature, but also of an inner destruction that is gradually occurring in each of us: the threats which weigh today on our planet – an environmental crisis unprecedented in human history, the alarming loss of biodiversity and the climate change, our economic model and our lifestyle focused on capitalism and hyper-consumerism….  This nature, so often dominated and oppressed, today rebels, and shows us the limits of all the changes that we imposed on her.  Confronted with a monster they have created and can no longer control, modern humans continue to refuse the evidence and evade the irreversible.  They wander in search of solutions, pushing aside all promises.  Mother Nature, so silent for so long, gradually regains her rights, leaving mankind destitute of resources; and it is with elegance and a certain casualness that she plays with all the traps that have been set for her.  Humans now move forward without landmarks, frozen in their habits, in search of this lost contact that will allow them to reconnect with their original world. In this series, they are only witnesses, objects of an environment that nature draws. It is she who now decides and imposes, yet she does not completely expel from her territory these strange creatures who have done her so much harm. Perhaps, she even gives them one last chance and, failing to be reborn, the hope of reinventing themselves.
Catherene Lee

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