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Carlo Traini


Fragmenta – Beauty in fragmentation

This is a collection of street pictures (‘street’ meaning any public place) that have crossed my present; these photographs are taken in just a few seconds thanks to a particular iPhone feature.

That’s how I was able to create an image that allows the viewer to concentrate on looking at existences and human beings without any distraction.

The peculiarity of this image is that the artificial intelligence of the iPhone, in particular circumstances of contrast of human subjects and light conditions, cuts some parts of the body of people and the objects they use, creating particular situations that I decide to transform into meaning.

A meaning that the algorithm does not distinguish and that its creators have not been able to predict; no human being could have foreseen it.

With this project I am going to look for what the algorithm (even the most perfect) will never be able to predict, and I transform into new meaning.

These images are pieces of my memory that with the passage of time will slowly lose definition and detail. Shaky images will remain where people’s details become inaccurate and part of the human body is forever lost. This is not a problem for me because I want each fragment to continue its life and live its future, regardless of the photographer. The images thus obtained due to an algorithm bug are a metaphor for the way in which memories change, alter and eventually erode over time; a discourse that requires not only a philosophical reflection.

When I look at Fragmenta, I appreciate the use of photography as a personal need, therefore a tool of conscience.

And what about people looking at these pictures? I hope my photos can touch and stimulate their subconscious.

Carlo Traini


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