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Brodbeck & de Barbuat : Memories of a silent world


36 photographs, 3 videos, 42 dried flowers and 14 drawings, 2008-2013

“Developed from 2008 to 2013, this series of large-format images finds its inspiration in the beginnings of photography, when in 1838,” Boulevard du Temple “by Louis Daguerre, showed a street apparently empty where only a shoe shine boy could be seen .

The long time of exposure only showed what was immobile. Human activity disappeared. The images were then recomposed as paintings and two technological eras of the history of photography met, giving birth to a kind a kind of “modern daguerreotypes”.

Our intention in this project was to merge what is and what we project of ourselves into our world. An inner and silent representation. ”

Brodbeck & de Barbuat


“Turning to space and the universe, the researchers multiply the projects of conquest and colonization of the planets. According to their prognosis, it will one day be necessary to leave a sick land that has become unlivable. It will be necessary to desert, to abandon a world which would then become silent. And if the day was tomorrow, what would our civilization leave behind, and what would our new lands look like? This is what we wanted to imagine in this collective exhibition bringing together the artists Brodbeck & de Barbuat and Cerise Doucède at Galerie Ségolène Brossette.

In the series Memories of a Silent World. The works of Simon Brodbeck and Lucie de Barbuat tell a world deserted by humanity. Some survivors, like ghosts, haunt spaces known to be high places of human activity. These places become theatrical scenery from which emanates a sweet melancholy. These photographs take us back to the origins of photography and finally, to our common history.

By a scenography made up of vestiges of our time, we wanted to bring these two worlds together. The old, our memories and our history, and that of tomorrow, in landscapes still unexplored and uncertain. One way to question ourselves about our relationship to the environment. ”

Julien Hory, curator of the exhibition


Brodbeck & Barbuat’s Memories of a silent word is presented in the exhibition

“Human presence. A world for many planets »

in collaboration with the Galerie Papillon, Paris

from October 29 to November 30, 2019

Ségolène Brossette Gallery

15 Rue Guénégaud, 75006 Paris, France



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