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Biljana Jurukovski


Custodians of Tradition

I have dedicated years of my life to photograph women from various indigenous communities who have steadfastly preserved their rich traditions. My mission has always been to foster a greater understanding of different cultures, promote diversity, champion inclusion, and cultivate respect for one another. Through my work, I hope to shine a light on the incredible strength, resilience, and wisdom of these remarkable women, and in doing so, inspire a more inclusive and harmonious world for all. In a world of rapidly evolving cultures and traditions, where globalization often challenges the essence of heritage.

“Custodians of Tradition” stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of women from diverse indigenous backgrounds. Each portrait in this collection tells a story of identity and heritage, highlighting the intricate details of these women’s physical adornments and the significance they hold within their respective cultures.Their images offer a glimpse into a world where tradition is not just a relic of the past but a living, breathing force, passed down through generations.

The journey through this portfolio transports you to the most remote indigenous communities that have been shilded it has shielded from the forces of modernity.
Mursi women wear a wealth of jewelry, including metal bracelets and anklets, headdresses made from nature’s gifts, and traditional scarifications and lip plates.
Arbore women express themselves with colorful beaded ornaments, maintaining customs like head-shaving for young girls. Hamar women emphasize the importance of their red ochre-drenched hair and iron rings that symbolize their marital status. Me’en women in the Omo Valley embrace tribal beautification through body scarifications and tribal bracelets.
Suri women have intricate body adornments, natural pigments, scarifications, and clay lip plates to mark their transition into womanhood.
Through this portfolio , I invite viewers to appreciate the beauty of their cultures, and to recognize that in honoring their traditions, we celebrate the collective mosaic of humanity, diversity and inclusion.

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