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Bernard Larquier



My desire was to produce amazing, complex photos, with an imperceptible elaboration process. I did my best to hide the imperfections inherent in the editing. I played with light, equipped with my flashlights, confining myself to the darkness of my local studio, using the long exposure of my camera, I learned to master shadow and light.

My supreme objective was to give my characters a movement, a perceptible animation on the photo.

Create a displacement, produce the mobility of an imaged object by a line of movement as in a comic strip or a drawing, to create dynamism.

This oscillation effect was obtained thanks to some absurd, comical and inventive crafts that I carried out in my small makeshift workshop.

I was looking for small utensils to embellish my decor, I hunted around in two-point stores, I accumulated all kinds of office supplies, pencils, squares, thumbtacks… I piled up things and stuff as if I was organizing a garage sale.

Then came the frenzy of making papier-mâché objects and characters… Too much work!

To make my characters more “alive”, to give magic to my photos, my idea was to put my figures in weightlessness suspended from a fishing rod thread.

In short ! I allow myself to be submerged in imbroglios of logistical problems, technical difficulties, DIY of all kinds.

How to get back to basics, that is to say, to build and organize a thought that leads to creation? Finally, organize a method to achieve a thoughtful, considered result, enriched by my photographic experiences in my small studio.

It can start with taking note of these inspirations, keeping a notebook, drawing, writing these undoubtedly volatile ideas and then observing around you, externalizing your gaze, avoiding walking by looking only at your shoes.

And take your time!

Bernard Larquier

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