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Bamako 2011: Liberté, quand tu nous tiens…


We can now kiss caution farewell, because daring means being free and declaring it. This is the way Tunisia has gone. It has vented its anger and said “No!” to its tyrants. Its oppressors banished, today it stands as one man to tell the world that its destiny lies in its own hands. Look at them now!The young artists. Expressing themselves without fear or constraint. With pure lines and curves. In a language that seduces yet disturbs.

Since January 2011, Tunisia has been the focal point of the whole world, the subject of ten thousand reports. It has featured on every page and still continues to mobilise the press and the media on all sides. So, you ask: why this choice of subject? It is the fruit of a whole series of reflections, the end-point of a personal journey that has led me to a truth which however obvious is sometimes disconcerting. I offer you this array of images and invite you on a journey of discovery to meet the new Tunisia, theTunisia of tomorrow.

Faten Gaddes

DVD directed by Faten Gaddes
Yesmine Ben Khalil, Zied Ben Romdhane, Captain 5obza, Faten Gaddes,Wassim Ghoslani, Kharabeesh, Halim Karabibene, Héla Lamine, Amine Landoulsi andWillis fromTunis (Nadia Khiari)

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