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Author Luc Debraine

The Chelsea Hotel in large format

In 1965, the Swiss photographer Yves Debraine regularly went to New York on professional assignments. During one of his trips, he photographed in the mythical […]…

The melting of the ice, by Michel Comte

Let’s start with the grandfather. Trained at the Aéro-Club de France, Alfred Comte (1895–1965) was an aviation pioneer in Switzerland, co-founding the airline company […]…

The launch of the LabElysée

On September 23, the Musée de la photographie de l’Élysée in Lausanne, Switzerland, inaugurated a new space devoted to digital culture. For the moment […]…

The mannerism of ambrotypes

The hegemony of digital images has backfired, generating a renewed interest in analog photography, and in historical photographic processes in particular. Anxious to distance […]…

How photography invented the mountain

Who invented the mountainous landscape? Romantic literature, with its fascination for the sublime? Painting? Engraving? None of the above: the credit for popularizing the theme in the late nineteenth century,…

Rediscovering Marianne Breslauer

The history of photography has its share of neglected creators who, however, re-emerge with some frequency, as if pulled to the surface by the inner strength of their own talent.…


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