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Author L'Œil de la Photographie

Kiara Lagarrigue

Hecatombe Hécatombe explores life after death, the Other Life: where the human being is no more than a carnal envelope returning to the earth, […]…

Jean Guy Caumeil

I divide my photographic activity between portraiture and travel. I’ve always traveled, and I’ve always taken photos of my travels. I’ve lugged kilos of […]…

Rempo Gaola

Interiors Small apartments.Dark rooms. Increasingly narrower spaces. People sitting, waiting. Without hope, without illusion. Lost.  …

Philip Flip Collier

Into Their Souls An interpretation of what my “Decisive moment” is through my 52 years of Street Photography Henri Cartier-Bresson talks about what he […]…

Patrick Flandrin

Hands Hands from here, hands from elsewhere, hands from yesterday, hands from today, hands loved, hands unknown, hands placed, hands caught in flight, hands […]…


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